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May i call your attention for a golden opportunity ?: There are many trading systems and trading tools out in the markets, that promise to be the holy grail of trading. But do you believe, it is possible to get rich with a fixed methology on a single market, traded by many people ? Read on for what i have to confide you...     
"AutoTradeAdviser - used by institutional investors for several years - is going public !"

   It's unique pattern recognition concept is now available for you, too. Regardless of which market for trading you prefer, now you can participate using the  secrets of the professionals  and the best of all...

It is so easy !

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Assume you have a trading system, that works with nearly every market - that is adjustable to suit your individual needs - implements a pro ven concept - extremely easy to handle  - AND costs you less than 30 minutes work each day.      

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null Stefan J. Burkard
Date: October 1, 2009
Subject: The concept of a leading indicator
Dear Trader, dear Investor

If you're trading in the markets, working with charts and indicators, you are probably aware of technical indicators that all have the same drawback: They are lagging behind the market.
A moving average simply shows the past, with no information about what will happen in the future. It will show you the current trend, but not whether the trend will continue or change.
It is not an easy business in the Stocks and Forex markets, so the edge of a leading indicator would help you to make profits!

I've been trading Stocks, Forex and Futures for many years, and in my experience, i have seen countless different strategies and trading methods. I have my own ideas and strategies, and with that, I have learned that there are only few methods that make money consistently.

One method is pattern recognition. Traditional patterns (Candle sticks, for example) no longer work. Market conditions have changed, but these pattern have not.

My idea: 

What if each market, each Stock, AND each Currency own unique pattern ? Different Stocks and markets have different investors, all of whom behave differently.

So, decided to create and build a tool that scans each market for own pattern. This enables me to create specific predictions for each stock, index, currency and future.

This was the birth of AutoTradeAdviser !

Examples of profits made with AutoTradeAdviser

Here is an example of a Stock (Altera) traded with AutoTradeAdviser's order recommenations. In a period, where the stock went up and down, AutoTradeAdviser turned an initial account of $1000 to $5685. And, as you can see in the Equity chart, this was a constant growth with no major drawback.



I want to give you a quick overview on how I'm doing. I don't have well knowledge about the trading market but I always wanted to give it a shot. I bought AutoTradeAdviser and it made my dream nearly come true.

I'm still a beginner but I'm already making consistent profits. My profits are around $600 a week...and rising... Thank you very much!

Paul Wilson - USA

Dear Mr Burkard,

What an unbelievable software! I must have took you years to build it. I cancelled my other signal services and do concentrating on AutoTradeAdviser

Paelo G. - Spain


Mr. Burkard,

I found your software possibly attractive and I decided to give it a try. I didn't start real money trading right now. Instead, I monitored all the trading signals given by the software for 4 weeks. Now, I'm convinced. I'm going to start trading Forex for real.

Jonathan Bailey - UK


I've been looking for a tool like AutoTradeAdviser for years... I just wanted to have a profitable trading system, that would tell me exactly what to do.

Ludwig Oberegger - Swiss


Before I got a copy of AutoTradeAdviser back in May I used to spend 4 hours a day in front of my charts and had only a few profitable months! After checking out AutoTradeAdviser and beginning to trade, I made $4,018 in my first month. Second month I made $5,172.
What makes me mostly happy with that is the fact that I only need to spend 20 - 30 minutes each day, now I have more time for me and my family.

Anyone who is considering getting a license for AutoTradeAdviser, should simply scroll to the next buy button and order it now!... you wont regret it.

Morris Hughes - USA

Would you like to have your own complete trading system?

With a proven track record working with any market or stock?

Ask yourself these questions:

  Are you tired of trying to make money in the stock market without a plan?

   Are you tired of spending hours studying Stock charts?

   Are you tired of using technical analysis that can be confusing at best?

   Are you tired of listening to market analysis that does nothing but go around in circles and leaves you scratching your head and wondering "Am I supposed to buy or sell?"?

   Are you tired of paying fees for data feeds?

   Would you like to have your own trading system, traded by you and nobody else ?

If you answered "YES" to most of these questions,   AutoTradeAdviser is the right solution for you!

There is no confusing technical analysis, no stock chart analysis, no monthly subscription services, and no market analysis that goes around in circles leaving you scratching your head! You'll know precisely when to buy a Stock, and when to sell it! 

You can choose from more than 60,000 ! different Stocks, Currencies, Futures and Indices.

Free data feed !


Advantages of AutoTradeAdviser:

 Easy to use
 Produces highly returns
 Standalone; no additional software needed
 Money and Risk Management component
 Proven track record
 + 60,000 Stocks, Indexes, Forex and Futures
 No technical analysis needed
 Free quotes
 Free updates
 Complete trading systems

 It takes less than 30 minutes per day to set up and manage your trades...



Customer Testimonials


working with AutoTradeAdviser is a pleasure for me ! I mainly work with the OVERVIEW window, where i see the prognosis of every day of the next week for my favourite Stocks. So i get a feeling of what is further going on in only seconds.

Kindly Regard's,
Paul Neever



I just bought AutoTradeAdviser and I already made my first profitable trades. I am an absolute beginner, but your tool makes it easy for me to trade! I can't wait to make more trades..."

Frederic Meier - Germany


Dear Stefan,

I've been trading stocks and the Forex for some years now, in part-time. I found it hard to have a full-time job and keep trading in the evening.
Since I bought your software, I need minutes to handle this... And it makes me good money..."

Pascal T. - Canada


Dear Stefan,

I bought your software some weeks ago and... I don't want my money back! AutoTradeAdviser made me more money on the first week than I paid for it. It's amazing!"

Jeff Rogers - USA


How does AutoTradeAdviser work?

Scientific analysis techniques applied to Stock and Futures charts. Vector analysis retrieves specific information from the chart, giving you that decisive edge ahead of the rest. In contrast to the more traditional "pattern analysis", AutoTradeAdviser forecasting is based on a point-by-point analysis of the data stream, using and processing more information than other techniques. The result: Profit opportunities are detected at the first possible stage with high statistical accuracy.

This is not done by detecting the "textbook" patterns, but by a full, of each and every formation in the chart. Thus, 100% of the information is used and no influence is overlooked.

AutoTradeAdviser handles "signal detection in a difficult environment". Despite the complex algorithms used, your daily work with AutoTradeAdviser is simple and straightforward. No learning or training required, you get clear and precise trading recommendations from the first moment.

The integrated back-testing function allows you to test your trading setup and the quality of the vector-analysis on historical data, before taking any risk!

You get clear and specific recommendations for your trading. Techniques established in the institutional portfolio management, with full range of features now available for the first time for private investors.

Recurrent chart formations (chart patterns) in the chart data of stocks and currencies enable a forecast on future development. They represent the action of market participants. Traders who detect the chart formations correctly at an early stage can turn this knowledge into profit instantly.

AutoTradeAdviser - simply know what happens tomorrow.

It's so easy:
1. Select a Stock of your choice
2. Run an analysis
3. Place the orders, recommended by AutoTradeAdviser

Imagine - With more than 60,000 Stocks, Futures, Currencies and Indices selectable, you have more than 60,000 unique trading systems !


With AutoTradeAdviser, you have:

 The tool that made us more than 30% in our first two months of trading!!

 Full functional stand alone application with a life time license and no need for additional applications... ever!

 A tool not only get trading signals, but also get market indications for any time frame!

 A tool that allows you to trade Stocks, Forex, Futures, Options and even more !

 The Pattern Visualizer, that shows you the unique patterns found in the market.

 The Trading System area: Configure trading systems for your needs.

 The Backtesting area: Check historical trading results.

 The Scenario Scanner: Check and update unlimited number of trading systems with one single click!

 The Prognosis Assistant: Goes with you step by step through AutoTradeAdviser's functions.

No more cost for trading analysis!

100 % Risk management!

Free Stocks, Forex, Index and Futures data. Absolutely no additional data feed needed!


Be carefree and financially independent

Millions and Billions of dollars are made in the markets day by day. People that say money does not buy happiness may be right - But money does buy more time with your family, more of the tools you need to further your success, and more ability to give of yourself the way you really want to… and these things certainly create happiness.

Wouldn't it be nice to take vacations, go out to dinner, and buy a new car whenever you want? All of this can be accomplished with AutoTradeAdviser. There are so many schemes on the Internet, each sporting vague schemes and even worse products. All of the "make money from home" products are nothing more than a way for some unscrupulous "business" man to take your hard earned cash. AutoTradeAdviser is simple to handle despite its complex technology. Initially, we planned to sell the technology of AutoTradeAdviser to the hedge fund industry exclusively.

But, after an intensive market research, we found out that we also can earn money by selling it… Not only to one or two global players, but to all of you instead. And believe me, it gives us a great feeling to help you, the individual investor, with trading, rather than just the institutions!

The truth is: We, ourselves, use AutoTradeAdviser for trading for a living. We work with it daily, and we add useful features to it regularly.

You will be prompted immediately, if a new update of AutoTradeAdviser is available.
Updates are free, for a lifetime !


Live life, be happy and make money


Guarantee 100 %

Check out AutoTradeAdviser, risk free, for a full 60 days. If you don't make money with AutoTradeAdviser, then we'll refund 100% of your money.

Not comfortable with technology?

We know that many people are not very good with computers. We have simplified everything for you and have preprogrammed everything! And if you have any questions, we will help you.

It is as SIMPLE as 1 - 2 - 3

Select a stock of your choice
Select from more than 60.000 Stocks, Currencies, Indices and Futures

 Run an analysis

  If you like, you can set your preferred stops and risk management
Place the orders, recommented by AutoTradeAdviser

Place all entries and exits, no more to do after that

Special introduction price:

$300.00 off during the first months

Take $300 off the regular price of $749!

Your price = $449


Stefan Burkard

Creator and Developer of


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